How to succeed an exam

  • Your first goal is to get as many points as possible.
  • Always read the entire exam before starting.
  • Answer easy questions first.
  • It is better to provide incomplete solutions to all questions rather than a perfect answer to a single question.
  • Divide your time according to the weight of each question.
  • No marks are given for what the students wants to say, only for what is actually written down. No marks are given to an answer the question did not ask for.
  • Erasing more than one word is often a waste of time. It is better to cross out your answer, especially when you realize later that your first answer was the best.
  • It is better to study a little bit at the time, but often, rather than a lot, once.
  • Your brain works better when well rested.
  • The best way to take a break while studying is to do physical activities.
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