Optimal Power Flow Test Cases (2016)

This repository provides a series of OPF test cases that were used in the following paper. These test cases are made available here to allow other authors to compare their solutions to ours.

V. Roberge, M. Tarbouchi, and F. Okou, “Optimal Power Flow Based on Parallel Metaheuristics for Graphics Processing Units,” Electric Power System Research, vol. 140, pp. 344–353, Nov. 2016.

1. The naming of the different test cases is based on the number of buses.
2. The file format is compatible with the MATPOWER Case Format v2 but includes additional structures for transformers and SVARs.
3. The solutions are also provided as a solved MATPOWER case where the optimal settings for the generators, transformers and SVARs are set. To test a solution, one can simply run a power flow analysis in MATPOWER (ex:rumpf(‘case30_soln.m’)).

Test case Solution
Cost ($/h)
Cost ($/h)
Generator Transformer SVAR Source Comment
1 case30 case30_soln 900.16 799.03 6 4 9 [1]
2 case118 case118_soln 131 220.63 129 627.03 54 9 12 [2]
3 case300 case300_soln 725 222.95 719 442.75 69 62 14 [2]

[1] K. Y. Lee, Y. M. Park, and J. L. Ortiz, “A United Approach to Optimal Real and Reactive Power Dispatch,” Power Appar. Syst. IEEE Trans. On, vol. PAS-104, no. 5, pp. 1147–1153, May 1985.
[2] R. D. Zimmerman, C. E. Murillo-Sánchez, and D. Gan, “MATPOWER – A MATLAB Power System Simulation Package.” [Online]. Available: http://www.pserc.cornell.edu//matpower/. [Accessed: 31-Oct-2014].

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